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Reed Recovery drug rehab centers in Salt Lake City, Utah give each of their clients the individual, specialized attention they need to get from drug detox, through therapy and counseling programs, and into aftercare. No matter how long substance abuse has been plaguing your life, we can help you overcome it.


Everyone has problems, and everyone needs help with their struggles. Our addiction treatment facility in Salt Lake City remains the safe place to go for confidential, secure, and individualized drug recovery treatment. We look at each of our clients and take into account their unique needs to ensure they receive the highest quality treatment possible.


Substance Abuse Treatment

A substance abuse treatment facility in Salt Lake City must be able to safely and securely detox their clients. Our Salt Lake City drug detox clinic employs an experienced staff who know how to get their clients safely off drugs by helping them rid themselves of the harmful chemicals keeping them dependent. We also offer emotional support as well as a safe place to detox.


Detoxing on your own is not a wise choice. The urge to use the drug of choice is too strong without help. Call upon the kind, experienced, and educated professionals at our Salt Lake City drug rehab facility helps their clients get sober from drugs with minimal mental and physical discomfort.


Therapy at Our Salt Lake City Addiction Recovery Center

Therapy is the next step in a client’s recovery. Once detox is completed, therapy helps people find the tools they need to stay off drugs. One of the most crucial aspects of therapy at our facility is our ability to use dual diagnosis as a tool for recovery. Dual diagnosis helps us go beyond the chemical dependency and explore the mental and physical reasons that a person may have started using drugs. Some individuals self-medicate a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder or clinical depression by abusing prescriptions, street drugs, and alcohol. Once the mental causes of addiction are addressed, continued counseling can continue. Many studies have shown that those clients who use a dual diagnosis rehab program have better success leaving drugs behind in the long-term.


Individual counseling allows our clients to receive personalized attention to their unique needs. One-on-one counseling sessions enable individuals to confidentially work through their personal issues and gain insight that will help them stay clean and sober. If a part of their diagnosis is depression or another mental health issue, the problem can be addressed during one-on-one counseling.


Our addiction recovery facility in Salt Lake City also offers a community by encouraging participation in group counseling sessions. In these sessions, clients with some experience in recovery can help the newer members of the group by providing them with emotional support, honesty, and encouragement as all of the clients work through their programs. New members of the group counseling sessions can also give support and encouragement as they learn from members further along in their programs.


Aftercare at our Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction recovery programs elsewhere may discharge their clients after completing an in-house program. Our Salt Lake City addiction recovery program aids individuals in their program with detox, therapy, working their program and learning tools to keep sober indefinitely. We also offer aftercare services to support and encourage our clients after they’ve completed in-house care and have gone back into their communities.


Aftercare may include such options as:

  • Continued individual counseling.
  • Continued group counseling.
  • Other forms of assistance in other areas of life that get our clients back into daily life.
  • Encouragement in developing the tools that can give clients a productive, happy, drug-free life.


Don’t keep struggling and failing with substance abuse. We help our clients take positive steps toward sobriety and a happy life free of drugs. Contact Reed Recovery today for more information. We are here to help you.