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If you or a loved is addicted to drugs and alcohol, you surely know how difficult it is. We don’t need to tell you how tough addiction is, but what we do need to tell you is that overcoming it is not just possible, it is focused and structured with the help of the professionals at our drug rehab center. When you come to our drug rehab center in Charleston, South Carolina, you will have the proper guidance and support to fully beat this chronic brain disease. Addiction is not something you can beat on your own, nor is it something you can control. Come see what true support feels like at Reed Recovery and you will be able to do away with you chains and move on to a fulfilling and happy life.

However, the first thing you need to do is admit to yourself, your family, and your friends that you have a disease that requires expert treatment. This is nothing to be ashamed of, you can break free from this ailment with the right help. When you come to our Charleston drug detox clinic, you will go through the first stage, which is supervised withdrawal. While your body goes through the process of expelling harmful chemicals that are keeping you dependent upon your drug of choice, you will go through some unpleasant symptoms. To ensure that your detox goes as smoothly as possible, with little pain and discomfort, you need managed detox from caring and professional clinicians. Once you get through this unpleasant period, you will be ready to seek long-term treatment with a clear head and clear body.

Then after ridding yourself of the chains of dependence, you will work on your overall mental health in both group and individual settings at our addiction recovery facility in Charleston. While you meet first with your personal counselor, you will begin sharing your thoughts and feelings with the therapist and begin making your customized addiction treatment plan that will be based upon your needs and requirements. This will include dual diagnosis screening to determine whether you have a coexisting disorder that contributes to and exacerbates your addiction. When you have the root cause of your addiction uncovered, you will be able to move through treatment smoothly and productively. You will be amazed at how simple and complicated it is at the same time. You will begin the process of healing.

Then, you will continue this process in group sessions guided by another therapist. Here you will share your thoughts and feelings, listen to the similar tales of struggle from others, and exchange invaluable advice that will be full of both insight and helpful anecdotes. Together, the group endeavors to overcome cravings, triggers, and temptations with new shared tactics and techniques. The bonds and friendships you cultivate here will likely stay with you long after you have left our Charleston addiction treatment center.

Finally, when you go to leave our Charleston drug rehab clinic, you will leave with the love of everyone you have met, the support of the people who have helped you, and the guidance of your customized addiction treatment plan you created earlier in treatment. It will help you get through aftercare on your own, and will facilitate the process of indefinite sobriety. You don’t need to do this alone, you can seek treatment at the Reed Recovery addiction treatment facility in Charleston, South Carolina, and find the life you’ve always wanted.