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The journey to addiction recovery begins with the simple step of admitting that you have a problem. When you admit you have a problem and accept that you need help, you start to accept the idea of drug rehab centers. With the help Reed Recovery provides at our substance abuse treatment facility in Jackson, Mississippi, you will be able to successfully find your way to a sober life that allows you to reach your goals. Life is too short to keep wasting it weighed down by drug addiction. Come to us for the addiction treatment you need.


The Drug Detox You Need

Attempting to fight your way to sobriety on your own is foolish. Going through withdrawal without any help is an exercise in futility. It is nearly impossible not to use again when you’re hurting bad and a fix is just a phone call away. When you are inside our drug detox clinic in Jackson, you will enjoy our managed detox that keeps you monitored closely as your body sheds the toxic chemicals from your system. Supervised detox is the best way to get off drugs.


Dual Diagnosis Rehab Services

In addition to providing the highest level of treatment for drug addiction, we also offer top-quality mental health services to our clients at our Jackson addiction recovery facility. Many people who face mental health issues also deal with drug addiction. When mental health issues are combined with drug addiction, long-term recovery is nearly impossible if the mental health problems are not treated. We ensure all our clients who need mental health treatment receive it so they can achieve unburdened recovery.


Safety Is Paramount

At our Jackson addiction treatment center, we strive to make our clients feel safe throughout their stays with us. In order for them to share stories of their drug addiction, it is crucial that our clients feel totally secure. We closely monitor the addiction recovery facility to make sure you are always safe.


Group Therapy Is Necessary

If you want to get sober, then you need to put your faith in the power of group therapy. Group meetings are the foundation that addiction recovery is built upon. Our groups are amazing because the leaders are incredibly skilled at leading discussions where they need to go. They ensure each member of the group has an equal voice. You will learn powerful lessons about the importance of staying sober at the sessions, and you will build the knowledge and strength you need to do so.


Individualized Addiction Treatment

We have a wide variety of treatments to offer our clients. From these many treatment options, we will develop an individualized addiction recovery program for you. With this type of individualized rehab, your journey to recovery will become much smoother. As you make your way through your program at our Jackson drug rehab facility, we will adjust your recovery plan as necessary to keep your progress moving forward steadily.


Aftercare Programs to Help You in your Daily Life

When you leave our addiction recovery center in Jackson, we will provide you an aftercare program that will help you stay strong as you enter back into your daily routine. When you first leave the drug rehab facility, it can feel overwhelming. With the aftercare program we provide when you leave, you will have the support you need to resist the temptation to use on the outside.


To achieve your goal of getting sober, you need to get the help you need at Reed Recovery addiction treatment facility in Jackson, Mississippi. With our addiction treatment, your odds of achieving a lifelong recovery from drug addiction will be much higher. Our caring staff does everything they can to help our clients discover the strength they need to stay sober. With our huge range of treatment options and your hard work, you will successfully make your way through the program and discover how beautiful sober life can be.