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Augusta, GA

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Addiction can affect not only the persons struggling, but their loved ones as well. If you are ready to take the first step toward a sober lifestyle, our substance abuse treatment facility can help. In order to choose the right drug rehab facility for your needs, it’s important to know what to look for in such a facility. All Reed Recovery drug rehab centers are unique, they also offer you a customized treatment plan that works to meet the needs of your situation and offer you an optimal chance at long-term recovery.


Prior to entering our drug rehab facility in Augusta, Georgia, you will need to go through a process of intake or assessment. During the intake process, the staff at our Augusta addiction recovery center will obtain information from you, such as your family addiction history, experience with substance abuse, and length of substance abuse. Keep in mind that the information obtained during the assessment process will be used to tailor a treatment plan specifically for your needs, so it’s important to be completely honest with your answers. Addiction recovery is not an overnight process. The more honest you can be with your responses, the better your chances at recovery will be.


The next step in the recovery process is detoxification. Before you can begin the rehabilitative process, it’s important to rid your body of all harmful substances and eliminate physical dependence. You will be supervised by experienced staff at our Augusta drug detox clinic to ensure your comfort and safety.


Long-term therapy and rehabilitation begins after you have completed detox.  At this point in addiction recovery, your treatment plan will be based on your long-term individual needs. A range of treatments is usually made available to clients. Such treatments may include behavioral cognitive therapy along with group and individual counseling. Your treatment plan will be continually reviewed and updated based on your progress and evolving needs. Throughout your time in our addiction recovery facility in, you will have the benefit of a caring and supportive environment where you can explore the reasons that led to your addiction and learn to identify triggers and situations that could lead to relapse once you leave the facility. Your best chances at continued recovery will depend upon your ability to learn coping skills and stick to treatment once you leave the rehab.


Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is also a core component of the treatment in our Augusta addiction treatment facility. The presence of conditions such as anxiety and depression can compound the effects of addiction and make it more challenging to achieve a lasting recovery. Identifying and treating such conditions simultaneously with your addiction is critical to helping you stay on the path of a sober lifestyle.


While in our addiction treatment facility in Augusta, clients learn to help one another while forming extended support networks. Support groups are extremely important to the recovery process. Many clients keep in touch even after they leave the facility to provide continued support. Family counseling is also part of an addiction recovery program. It’s vital to learn to heal family issues that may have had a role in your addiction.


Once a client is ready to leave our addiction treatment center in Augusta, a variety of aftercare services are made available to assist him or her in returning home. For clients who are not able to return to a supportive home environment, it may be possible to transition to a sober living home. Other clients may benefit from continued individual and group therapy sessions as well as support group meetings. In many instances, clients will meet with a counselor once a week to discuss their progress and continue working on coping skills to help them maintain their sobriety. If you are a loved one is ready to take the first step toward a sober and healthy lifestyle, it’s never too late. Help is here in Augusta, call Reed Recovery today for a free consultation.